Saturday, 26 May 2018

Until next time ...

Well, that's another year done. The next convention will celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

Once the committee has got its breath back, we'll get stuck in to the process of putting the 2019 event together. And as soon as I have gathered all the scandal details of this year's do, I'll send out a newsletter.

Ah! Talking of newsletters, all current members will have received an email from me asking for their permission (to OPT IN) to carry on using the email address they provided to contact them - including sending the newsletter - or to contact me to change their requirements.

Until now only 25 of you have opted-in. This means a substantial number of members won't be getting a newsletter. So, if you are one of those who have not, either forward the email to me to opt in, or email me (at the usual address) and tell me what you want.

Don't forget our BADFA On-line Facebook page, keep in contact and tell us what you are up to

I'm sure I'll get a few, "my newsletter hasn't arrived" contacts ...

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