Monday, 30 May 2016

May 16 Newsletter

The newsletter has just been sent to all members. It should be in your inboxes soon.

The email will have a different look about it this time because I can sent them straight from the Joomag application. If it doesn't arrive in the next few hours, check your email trash. If it's still not there let me know and I'll check your email address is the same as the one in me list.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Convention photos - 2016

As promised some photos from the convention at Crick. Just a few to whet your appetite. If you want the full story you'll have to join BADFA and get the newsletter.

Visit the Convention 2016 page for details of the classes Karen taught at Crick.

Of course, if you do join you'll get next year's do at discount price - and you never know who know who might be teaching there ...

Sandra's Frog on a lily

Saturday night chaos

Karen Hubbard and her happy Sunday class

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Wow! What a weekend!

Well, the convention is over, and was a great success. All three days were filled, the Friday night 'fun factory' was a 'towering success', Saturday paint-til-late was a session of mixed media, and all in all a great time was had by all who went.

I'm putting the members' newsletter together, and that will be going out soon, and when I get a spare moment I'll get so pictures here, too!

Come back soon!