Thursday, 29 May 2014

Convention 2014 - the final countdown

That's the name of a song, isn't it?

Anyway, everything has now got to the point of no return. What's done, is done; what isn't done, won't get done.

The committee will arrive at the Ibis hotel tomorrow, and start getting things ready for the arrival of the hoards on Saturday - although some will arrive tomorrow so that they don't miss a minute of the excitement.

For those who need it the minutes of last year's AGM are available to download, here.

(Just to remind you, last year we were at the Campanile Hotel, Swindon on 1 June)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Counting down to Crick

Preparations for our British-themed convention at Crick are hotting up - in fact, things are getting a bit sweaty ... only joking!

There are a few spaces left on some of the classes on Saturday 31 May [see what's on offer], and there is still time to book. The two classes originally offered in watercolour, will now be done in acrylics, that's Rachel's Bramble, and Rowena's Clematis.

For Andy Skinner fans, there are a couple of spaces on his Sunday (1 June) session - and these are open to non-BADFA members. These places are at our special 20th birthday prices, so don't miss out.
Andy Skinner

For those of you who are coming, remember:

1 - Bring an item to donate to the raffle - a painted piece, second hand book, unused blanks, canvas, slate etc.
2 - Bring a piece to show - to display on our show table. Show every one just how darned good you are!
3 - Make a birthday card to enter into our competition.
4 - Teachers - advertise your classes and skills - let our students know who you are, what you do, and where you are lurking.

We've got a line up of traders who will supply your every need - at least for painting - and a paint-til-late on Saturday night, for those who just can't get enough ...

... it's going to be so much fun! Oh, don't forget it's the AGM, too.

Contact us for more information, or to book a place.

PS - we are at the Ibis Hotel, Rugby East. Just off J18 of the M1: