Monday, 12 April 2021

Last call for convention!

Hi All,

The April Newsletter has gone out to members. It has full details of the convention, booking form, and even a special project from our archives.

Check out our Convention 2021 page

It is not too late for you to book a place - if you join BADFA you'll save, not only on convention but when you buy from our friend Lynn at Jo Sonja's UK Shop !

Any questions? Let me know!

Monday, 8 February 2021


 Hey! Painters!

We will be having a convention this year - it will all happen on Zoom, so you won't even have to leave the comfort and safety of your home!

Ros Stallcup will be our guest teacher for the weekend. Check out our 2021 Convention page in the menu above- that's where we'll be putting the information as it is available.

Come back soon!

Sunday, 8 November 2020

November News 2020

Issue 137 - November News - has been sent to members. It will be in your inbox very soon.

This month the challenge has a prize! Jo Sonja's UK Shop will give a £25 voucher to their favourite entry - just in time for Christmas. The prompt is 'The Season to be Jolly'. 

As usual it is members only, but we will announce the lucky winner here, next month.

Stay safe out there! Wear a mask - wash your hands - keep your distance!


Saturday, 3 October 2020

The Challenge

 Do you remember I mentioned a challenge? Well, the prompt for September - pictures to be included in the October newsletter, was - All Hallows Eve.

There are three days left to get your submissions in. Oh, the prize. There is no prize, but everybody wins because we get to see all the good work that our members are doing. You get inspired and hopefully get to producing more beautiful pictures for us to see.

We are not looking for masterpieces, even a 30 minute sketch is good just to keep those creative juices flowing.

Send them to - I'm waiting ... It's raining, so you have nothing better to do!

Monday, 22 June 2020

Subscription reminder

Well, it looks like restrictions are gradually easing, and hopefully some new normality can descend.

Subscriptions were due for renewal on 1 April 2020, because life was difficult when lockdown was at its tightest we have let things run on. But July is approaching and there are some who have still not renewed.

If you no longer which to stay with us, that's fine, it's been nice having you on board, thank you, and we'll be happy to see you back when you are ready - it would be nice if you let us know, a quick email to Julie at would help to keep the records straight.

If on the other hand you are intending to renew, you had better get it done because the next (July) newsletter will be your last if you don't. The new members list will be applied for the August edition.

The easiest way is by bank transfer, and an email to let us know it's been done. Full details are on the form on the back page of the last newsletters, or downloadable from the 'Join BADFA' page on this blog.


Friday, 10 April 2020

Did you read the newsletter?

Well 29 of you have ... the rest are holding on to it for a special occasion, I suppose.

Anyway, for those that did - and read right to the end - you will have noticed that I suggested we could have a bit of a challenge to keep us sane - ish.

If you are interested - nothing too arduous, technical, or skilful - in a bit of fun please let me know. Usual email address applies.

For those who haven't read the newsletter, get on and do it! It is not as if you have anything better to do (assuming you are not a key worker - but if you are carry on doing what you are doing 'cos we love you).

Now we all have time on our hands why not get in contact and tell us what you have been up to - even if it is arty-crafty stuff.

Don't forget, we love a challenge ...

Sunday, 5 April 2020

April 2020

Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm locked down, are you?

The April newsletter is not locked down! It is out there in your in-boxes waiting to be read. Hopefully your computer scans for viruses (viri?*)

Some interesting reading for you, and the annual reminder to renew your subscriptions.

Don't forget our Facebook group - BADFA Online.

Hope you are all staying safe, staying home, not touching your face, washing your hands ... and washing your brushes!

(*Plural of virus is viruses)