Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Time's up, members!

Submissions have closed for projects for the convention. Now we have to organise them and get them out to all you members to choose which ones you like most.

When we send them out, you will get a nomination form for the upcoming committee vacancies.

Our committee posts are not for life. The term of office is usually three years, but of course everything is negotiable.

Sharon has been chairman for four years, she now is looking to spend more time teaching and designing.

Diane needs time for work and family, so will be handing over the treasurer's post.

Kim has been newsletter editor for five years, having been persuaded to stay on by Sharon, when she took over the chair.

All of these posts become vacant at the AGM. We need you to stand up and be counted. BADFA has to have a strong committee, as it has since Sharon took over. But we need new ideas and fresh visions for the future. And only you can do it.

Newly elected post holders will not be left in the lurch, we have agreed to support the new committee until it is confident to run on its own, so no need to be scared.

When the form arrives please nominate yourself, or (with their agreement) a friend for a position on the committee. If you have any questions, just ask. Contact details are here

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