Sunday, 23 March 2014

Why Crick?

Why did we choose Crick for our convention?
The primary reason was for its location. The past two conventions have been towards the south of the country, so in order to be fair to those from  the midlands and north, we wanted a site farther up. Crick was chosen for its central location.

While we were researching venues we discovered that Crick was noted for its marina. But surely it's miles from the sea? Yes it is - but this is a marina for canal boats, many of which are decorated with traditional 'roses and castles' designs. It is an ideal opportunity for members to see Britain's most famous folk art. 

So while you are at the convention, take a trip across to the marina and see what inspiration you get.

Check out these web sites:

And the Crick Boatshow ends just before we move in, so hopefully there will be loads of narrow boats in residence: (24-26 May)

The marina is 2 miles from the hotel, 5 minutes by car, 40 minutes on foot. so why not take some time out and take a look.

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