Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Painting on slate

In a recent issue of our newsletter we had a Peggy Harris project - the Zebra. Well look what I've found … another Peggy Harris design, great for spring (which is only round the corner!)

This is painted on an old roof slate, see the nail hole. For more information visit Sharon's blog.

Update: Sharon is a bit behind with her blog, so she hasn't done the write up on this piece, but she is very busy!


Sharon Wolf said...

Likey likey!

Ann said...

Love this where did you find the pattern its so cute! Great job x

The British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts said...

Hi Ann, Sharon said it was a Peggy Harris design, I expect she has it lurking at home - email her direct to see what she says,

Sammy said...

How wonderful!