Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Where has the sunshine gone?

Oh, well, Autumn is here.

There are some benefits; the beautiful golden colours of the trees, and the opportunity to stay indoors with your brushes and projects.

The committee will be gathering for a meeting early in November, to discuss the next issue of the newsletter, various other business as usual items, and most important - next year's convention. I'm not going to give anything away, but we will be visiting,what appears to be a beautiful and inspiring place to see if it can provide the accommodation we need for next May. As soon as we have definite news, we'll pass it on.

And now the usual note from The Editor ...

I am working on the next issue and need YOUR submissions by 15 November. I want projects, techniques, tips, news and scandal. Don't format it, or lay it out; that's my job! Just send text and pictures.

While on the subject of 'wants', we want suggestions of who and what you would like to see at the convention - we can't promise - but all ideas are good.

Send it all to me at the usual email address - see for details.


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