Monday, 25 August 2014

Bank Holiday Blues and UFOs

Right on cue! Our summer bank holiday brings in the rain!

But we artists are not dejected or down, are we? No! It's a good excuse to be indoors, in that studio or  even the kitchen with the paints and brushes poised for action!

Check out all those UFOs (unfinished objects) and choose one or two to get completed. I've got three.
First is my steampunk uplighter. Now that's been clogging up the conservatory for nearly a year. I just need some Ranger Alcohol Inks for the exposed metal work, some browns, oranges, gold and turquoise for the faux metal finishes - and a soldering iron for the exposed wiring (OK, not just brushes).

Next is a small coaster project that I have started by stencilling on a clock face with DecoArt texture medium. That's all nicely dry, so I can start adding colour. Might try some antiquing to finish it off.

Last, is a not quite started experiment. Again, it's on a coaster. It's a technique I used on ceramic greenware years ago. I wonder if it will transfer to acrylics? You'll have to wait until it appears in The Decorative Folk Artist later in the year to find out.

I'm sure you have lots of inspiring stuff that has been waiting for a rainy day. Well today is that day!

Happy painting

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