Saturday, 2 November 2013

My next project is ...

I've been shopping for supplies for my next project. I bought some 8mm annealed copper tubing, electric wiring, galvanised wire mesh, and some brass plumbing fittings.

The project will include embossed card, paint techniques, texture medium, and probably quite a bit of mess!

Can you guess what I'm up to?

I'll take photos as I go and put an article together for the next newsletter - that's the one in January. It is too late for this one.

 Have a guess in the comments below - or suggest ways you might use my supplies.


AnnP said...

This is a grid to hang on the walls of the stand and we can then hang pictures via little hooks - either that or you are planning to use the grid in the Great British Bake off when you make a cake!!!

The British Association of Decorative and Folk Arts said...

What a good idea!

You'll find out when the project is complete ... it will be one of the last things I use on it